Top Tips from Flexalan for Show Ring Success

August 03, 2017

Top Tips from Flexalan for Show Ring Success

As the show season looms large, all competitors look for a way to gain an edge over their rivals. Help is at hand from the Flexalan range of products, specially designed to keep your horse looking his best, in and out of the show ring.

Follow these top tips from Flexalan and look forward to show ring success.

  • Decide which classes will best suit your horse and plan your entries accordingly. Check the class rules regarding tack and correct dress to make sure you aren’t going to lose marks before you start.
  • Practise for your class at home, but not so often that your horse knows the routine better than you do. If your class requires leading your horse in hand make sure your horse will lead willingly beside you, without either of your pulling!
  • Give your horse a thorough wash with a mild shampoo to remove all dirt and stains. Choose a shampoo such as Flexalan Tea Tree Shampoo which has been specially designed for use on horses.
  • Start by washing your horse’s tail to avoid dripping muddy water onto clean legs. Then move onto the mane and work your way down. Flexalan Tea Tree Shampoo, now enhanced by the benefits of natural tea-tree oil, is suitable for the most sensitive horse. It quickly penetrates the coat to remove dirt, rinses away easily and leaves the coat clean and refreshed.
  • If you are washing your horse’s tail the day before a show keep it clean by wrapping if all up in a tail bandage or use a tail guard.
  • After washing, apply a coat gloss to ensure your horse shines like polished wood. The unique formula in Flexalan Show Gloss produces a deep, shiny lustre that would take hours of brushing to reproduce. Professionals avoid the saddle area to prevent slipping.
  • Ensure your hard work will not disappear instantly. Flexalan Show Gloss & Detangler forms a protective seal on your horse’s coat that will actually repel dirt for up to one week.
  • Finish off your own outfit by swapping the white tape supplied with your number for smarter black tape. Rounding off square corners on numbers will make them lie neater on your jacket.
  • Guarantee that you stay clean and tidy. Flexalan Show Gloss and Flexalan Sablene come in easy to use containers. Flexalan Show Gloss spray action means you can stand back and apply from a distance, whilst totally non-spill Flexalan Sablene will prevent oily splashes from staining your clothes and your yard floor.
  • Make sure your tack will stand up to the scrutiny of the judge. Flexalan Leather Dressing has a spectacular effect on leather, and one or two applications a month is all that is needed to keep your tack soft and supple.
  • Arrive at your class in plenty of time so you can study the arena and plan your tactics.
  • Once in the ring, try to stay in as much space as possible so the judge and the spectators can see all of your hard work. Catch the eye of the judge with hooves that gleam. Use a glossy hoof cream such as Flexalan Sablene, that contains cod liver oil, essential for strong, healthy hooves. One application of Flexalan Sablene (available in black or clear) before each event will ensure that hooves have that just polished look.
  • Do your best, be polite to your fellow competitors and win or lose, leave the arena looking happy. You may not feel it but people will think more of you if you are gracious in defeat! Remember, there is always next time so enjoy yourself.

Flexalan products have been a leading name in horse care for many years. Its range of top quality products meets the demands of the most discerning equestrian.

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